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* This is not an actual Upload, this is just a simulation of how much time it would take.

What is Upload Time Calculator?

Upload time calculator is used to calculate the time required to upload any file based on your transfer speed without actually uploading any file. It is useful as many people have slower upload speed.

How to use?

1. Enter your transfer speed.
2. Enter the file size of the thing you want to Upload.
3. This tool will estimate the time it would take to Upload.

Typical Upload sizes

Connection type

Upload speed

Text email 30 kB
A webpage 600 kB
Photo 1 MB
Mp3 song 5 MB
5 min Youtube 360p video 40 MB
A SD movie 750 MB
A HD Movie 4 GB

How to increase upload speed

In most broadband/internet connections, upload speed is often considerably slower than the download speed. This is because ISPs favour download speed over upload speed as most people use more download bandwidth than upload bandwidths. The only real way to increase upload speed would be to get into a new internet plan. Some ISPs have special plans favoring upload speeds.